Elevating VA Success: Why Remote Professionals Love Kayana

by | May 30, 2024 | Virtual Assistance

The surge in remote work trends is not just a temporary shift but a fundamental change in how we approach professional life. With tools like high-speed internet, video conferencing, and cloud-based collaboration platforms, working from anywhere is a viable option for many.

Based on this survey, the majority of employees— 98%, want to work remotely at least part of the time for the remainder of their careers, with 91% having a positive view of their remote work experience. Additionally, 71% of those surveyed prefer a fully remote work model, while just 1% would choose to work in the office full-time. Flexibility stands out as the main advantage of remote work. Specifically, 22% of respondents cite flexibility in managing their time as the biggest benefit, 19% appreciate the freedom to choose where they live, and 13% value the ability to select their work location.

In the Philippines, more and more professionals pursue remote work opportunities, so companies like Kayana are taking proactive steps to attract, cater to, and support talented and hard-working individuals. Kayana goes above and beyond in its talent initiatives, ensuring that every full-time virtual assistant receives the necessary support to thrive in their role. Let’s explore how Kayana creates a positive work environment that empowers its employees to succeed.

Key Takeaways

Companies like Kayana prioritize support, benefits, and continuous learning, ensuring virtual assistants are well-equipped to succeed and deliver exceptional service.

83% of Kayana VAs appreciate the reduced commuting time and amenable working hours, allowing for a healthier work-life balance and increased job satisfaction.

– Working with clients overseas allows VAs to broaden their career opportunities, fostering cross-cultural experiences and expanding career opportunities.

– Kayana provides competitive health insurance, monetary incentives, and support systems, ensuring VAs can focus on their tasks without financial concerns.

– Full-time workweeks and solid placements offer stability, deepen commitment, and ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery.

Preferred by Remote Professionals

By prioritizing support, benefits, and continuous learning, Kayana ensures that its virtual assistants are empowered to succeed in their roles and deliver exceptional service to clients.

Based on the survey done on remote professionals, 9 out of 10 professionals are highly satisfied with the remote work setup for several reasons like work-life balance, professional development opportunities, cost-efficiency, and access to various job offerings in the US.

Work-Life Balance

Kayana VAs enjoy a work environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Based on the survey, 83% of the respondents said that they like the less commuting time, since it reduces stress and allows VAs to work from the comfort of their homes without the daily hassle of navigating through city traffic. This not only saves time but also creates a more relaxed and productive working environment.

With more time available for family, hobbies, and personal pursuits, remote professionals can achieve better overall well-being and higher job satisfaction. The amenable nature of working hours further supports this balance, 68% cited the flexibility in the working hours allowing employees to design a work schedule that fits their lifestyle and personal needs.

Professional Development Opportunities

Kayana is committed to the professional growth of its VAs, offering access to a wide range of online courses and training programs. These resources facilitate continuous skill enhancement and career advancement, ensuring that VAs stay competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving job market. Engaging in diverse tasks and projects also provides valuable experience across various industries, allowing VAs to acquire new skills and deepen their expertise. This growth-oriented approach empowers VAs to evolve professionally and adapt to changing market demands, making them more versatile and capable.


For remote professionals, the cost-efficiency of working as a Kayana VA is a significant advantage. Eliminating commuting expenses that range up to 25% of the in-person employee’s monthly salary, can lead to substantial savings for remote professionals, as there is no need for daily travel to an office. Furthermore, 62% of the respondents appreciate the comfortable and relaxed working environment at home, and the need for office attire and related expenses is reduced, easing the financial burden typically associated with traditional office-based employment.

Access to Various Job Opportunities in the US

Working as a Kayana Virtual Assistant means breaking free from geographical constraints. Remote professionals can collaborate with clients from the US, gaining exposure to different industries and backgrounds. This international reach broadens professional horizons and fosters cross-cultural collaboration, which can be incredibly enriching and career-enhancing.

Additionally, expanding a professional network on a global scale opens up new opportunities for future collaborations and career growth. VAs can build relationships with clients and peers in the US, creating a diverse and dynamic professional network that can support their career development in various ways.


Perks and Other Priorities

Imagine a career where you have the freedom to set your own schedule, work comfortably from your own home, and receive recognition and rewards for your hard work and exceptional performance. The commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being is one of Kayana’s priorities to hone and retain talent since day one.

Chris Nolte, Kayana’s founder and CEO, embraces the approach called Modern Outsourcing, where bonuses or benefits are no longer exclusive to traditional companies; virtual teams and remote professionals are now being offered similar perks. Gone are the days when remote professionals were commoditized.

HMO Health Insurance
Kayana offers comprehensive health insurance coverage through our HMO plan for our virtual assistants, navigate the healthcare benefits and leverage our platform to negotiate the best benefits for your VA. These benefits guarantee that our virtual assistants have their basic requirements fulfilled, fostering job contentment and enabling them to focus on their tasks without concerns about personal financial obligations. 

Satisfied and healthy virtual assistants show heightened productivity and dedication to their responsibilities, ultimately benefiting both the assistants and the organization.

Bonuses and Incentives

At Kayana, the hard work and expertise of virtual assistants never go unnoticed. Performance incentives and potential salary increases are awarded to those who exceed client expectations and reward their dedication and skills. Kayana consistently sets the bar high in training, nurturing, and supporting Filipino VAs, prioritizing employee welfare and providing the value and incentives that remote professionals truly deserve.

Fixed Schedule

Kayana VAs work a standard 40-hour workweek, allowing you to immerse yourself in your roles and responsibilities fully. This dedication translates to consistent, high-quality work and ensures that the VAs are always available to meet client needs. The stability of a fixed schedule also helps in maintaining a balanced workload and fostering a deep understanding of client projects. Additionally, having a fixed schedule provides a clear structure, making it easier to manage time effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Training and Development

Continuous professional development is a cornerstone of the Kayana VA experience. Regular training sessions, workshops, and access to learning resources ensure that VAs are always improving their skills and staying updated with industry trends. By providing comprehensive training programs, fostering a community of remote professionals, and offering constant support, which aims to help remote workers overcome isolation, communication barriers, and cultural gap challenges. This commitment to learning helps VAs provide better service to their clients and keeps their careers dynamic and engaging.

Career Growth

Remote professionals like Kayana VAs undergo an extensive screening and matching process to ensure a long-term fit for the client. Those seeking stability and security in their VA careers will find Kayana an ideal choice. Full-time positions range from junior to mid-level roles and highly specialized ones, offering increased commitment, loyalty, and deep knowledge about the company. With Kayana’s thorough evaluation and screening process, virtual assistants can be assured that their skills and work experience will be matched to clients who need their expertise as remote professionals.

The Kayana Advantage

Agencies interview countless talented individuals daily, a testament to the rapid growth of remote professionals. The overwhelmingly positive perception of remote work further supports this trend, confirming that modern outsourcing has become a popular and effective approach for companies. Consequently, businesses like Kayana are going the extra mile to retain top talent in this industry.

This framework is a win-win for all. Virtual assistants receive additional support, paid benefits, ongoing training, and career development opportunities. Kayana takes it a step further by rewarding virtual assistants who consistently deliver exceptional results and client satisfaction. This incentivizes VAs to go above and beyond, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service. In return, agencies maintain high productivity levels, foster a positive brand reputation, and optimize costs. Kayana’s dedication to support, development, and rewarding excellence solidifies its position as a leader in the remote work industry.

If you are seeking high-caliber remote professionals from the Philippines who are motivated to exceed your expectations, we invite you to book a strategy call with the Kayana team. Explore the possibility of having a fully dedicated, can-do business partner and take your organization to the next level.


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