How Kayana works

Kayana has designed an onboarding experience that’s unlike any other VA service. Just a few simple steps take you from start to hire with full transparency and trust you’ve made the perfect match.

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What does Kayana mean?

Much like we bring people together, KAYANA is the coming together of two common Tagalog root words: KAYA and NA. Kaya, meaning ability, able, capable; and Na, meaning now, already, as of now. It is a true expression of our purpose.

How are you different from other VA services?

We use personalized-AI to engage clients and VAs in engaging and dynamic conversations that drive a recommendation engine that puts clients’ best matches at the top.

What level of education do Kayana VAs have?

Our VAs are in college or have graduated from college. Some of our VAs pay for their advanced degrees by working as a VA.

Do the VAs speak English well?

All of our VAs have excellent verbal skills. Exceptional English skill is a prerequisite for all of our VAs.

What capabilities do Kayana VAs have?

Our VAs are tremendously varied. Some are more generalists. Others are specialists. They know operations, social media marketing, content creation, AI tools, administration, accounting, strategy, design engineering, and many of the processes that each of these roles requires.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, but it is a month to month contract with basic protections and terms.

How do you protect my privacy?

Our contracts safeguard your confidential information. We encourage our clients to use all appropriate caution, and often suggest Lastpass or other password management tools to safeguard personal credentials.

Is my VA considered an employee? How do taxes work?

No, VAs are contracted by us, and billed to you by us as a fee for our service. For tax purposes, our expense is treated like any other operating expense under the US tax code. We handle all government reporting and administration required by government agencies.

What is the minimum number of hours I can hire a VA?

The minimum is 80-hours a month, but we often find that clients uncover the superpowers that a dedicated support person affords, and use all 160 hours per month.